What Your Dollars Can Do

How can $1 provide up to 10 meals?

No Kid Hungry doesn't get a bulk discount on food, as most folks guess. In fact, they don't even buy food. Instead, their approach is all about finding sustainable, permanent solutions to ending childhood hunger in America. No Kid Hungry works with communities across the country to improve and expand existing programs that feed kids school breakfast, afterschool suppers and snacks and summer meals to ensure all kids have access to three healthy meals a day.

Sometimes the work is complex and there are large barriers, like state laws that mandate the time of day breakfast is served at schools. But sometimes the problem is as simple as schools not having carts to carry meals through the halls to kids.

When No Kid Hungry carefully invests donor dollars in these programs, they can reach a lot more kids. And these strategic investments come with constant evaluation to ensure the gifts are maximized. As a result, we know that your support can return 10 meals for every $1 spent. It's not a rule – dollars go further in some communities than in others.

Depending on the community and its needs, one donated dollar can yield below or well beyond 10 additional meals served. The Turn Up and No Kid Hungry campaign's promise to you is that we invest every dollar carefully, trying to get the maximum return on that investment.

Food Network Kitchen Offer Details

When you purchase a Food Network Kitchen Premium Annual Subscription Warner Bros. Discovery will donate ten dollars ($10) to No Kid Hungry. Warner Bros. Discovery will make this donation for each of the first 100,000 Food Network Kitchen Annual Subscriptions that are purchased between October 15, 2019 and October 15, 2024, for a maximum donation of one million dollars ($1,000,000)/10 million meals to No Kid Hungry. For each dollar donated, No Kid Hungry can provide up to 10 meals to kids living with hunger. Accordingly, Warner Bros. Discovery’s one million dollar ($1,000,000) donation will allow No Kid Hungry to provide up to 10,000,000 meals to kids facing hunger.

Turn Up To Give

It’s on all of us to ensure every child in America can count on three healthy meals a day, especially as so many families are still struggling in the wake of the pandemic. The good news? Childhood hunger is a solvable problem, but it’s going to take all of us.

Donations made through this page support the No Kid Hungry campaign and cannot be designated to a specific location or effort. Your gift will be used where it is needed most. Because of the many unknowns about this pandemic and its aftermath, our standard ‘$1 can provide up to 10 meals’ equivalency may not apply to COVID-19 relief efforts. We are using every dollar to its fullest to maximize the impact you can have right now and all year long.

Thank you for your donation!