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1 in 8 kids in Virginia are food insecure.

Virginia Hunger At A Glance

Here Are Ways You Can Help

Turn Up Your Vote In 2020

The most important, impactful way you can Turn Up for kids and help to end childhood hunger is by using the power of your vote — and then holding elected officials accountable once they are in office. By prioritizing the issue of childhood hunger at a national, state, and local level, we can make the big progress we need to end childhood hunger. Take a look at who's up for election in Virginia, and get ready to Turn Up to vote in 2020.

Upcoming Elections in 2020

  • Mar 03
    Virginia Presidential Primary Election
  • Jun 09
    Virginia Primary Election

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The information provided is for educational purposes and is not an endorsement or campaign communication. It's up to you to make your choice when you Turn Up to Vote!

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Turn Up To Give

Your tax-deductible gift will support No Kid Hungry's sustainable solutions to ending childhood hunger in America. Every $1 you give can provide up to 10 meals by expanding and improving access to school breakfast, afterschool snacks and summer meals programs.

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